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Mountain Song Jewelers

Amy - 14k White Gold, Amethyst, and Diamond Ring

Amy - 14k White Gold, Amethyst, and Diamond Ring

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💜 Embrace Royalty with our Amethyst Checkerboard Ring! 💜

Behold the regal allure of our latest addition at Mountain Song Jewelers—a mesmerizing Amethyst ring, boasting a captivating 1.30 carat checkerboard-cut gem set in elegant 14k white gold. The high dome accentuates the beauty of this deep purple gem, reminiscent of royalty.

Amethyst, steeped in history and lore, has been cherished for millennia. Its name is derived from the Greek word "amethustos," meaning "not intoxicated," as it was believed to protect against drunkenness in ancient times. Throughout history, amethyst has adorned the crowns and jewelry of kings and queens, symbolizing power and luxury.

Adorned with a delicate halo of 0.14 carat total weight diamonds, this ring adds a touch of sparkle to the grandeur of the amethyst. Let this new ring transport you to an era of royal elegance, blending the rich history of amethyst with modern design. 💍✨ #AmethystRoyalty #MountainSongJewelers #GemstoneElegance

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