Mountain Song Staff Gems

Meet the folks who bring keep Mountain Song Jewelers up and running!  We'll admit, we have the best jobs around--we spend our day connecting awesome clients like you with the jewelry of your dreams!

 Robert Sherman

Rob is our owner and one of our artists.  Mountain Song was his brainchild.  Rob is a third generation jeweler from Arizona whose family is known for their bold sterling and gold jewelry with complex stone inlay.  Rob's designs have won various awards and his handmade pieces often have a waiting list from collectors of fine handmade inlay jewelry from around the world.


Jonita Ashley

Jonita is Rob's other half, the peanut butter to his jelly.  She doesn't make any jewelry, but she has lots of opinions about it.  She manages all of the paperwork, books, orders, people, contracts, custom orders, and technology--she prefers the title Circus Master.  So she's pretty useful.  She and Rob have three kids (business gurus in training?), one dog, and two cats. 

Tom Paxton

You can't say "jewelry" in Greeneville, TN without thinking of the Paxton family.  They've been jewelers here for over 100 years--and Tom is the third generation in his 41st year as a jeweler and MSJ is fortunate to have him as part of our family.  He runs his own repair business The Jewelry Bench out of MSJ and does our repair and resizing and custom work!  Tom and his wife, Cindy live with their two dogs Milo and Max!


Denise Coffey

Denise is manages Mountain Song Jewelers.  You can find her in the store daily and she'll show you all our amazing jewelry and tell you all about it.  She'll also help you put together your custom order.  She's a barrel of fun and sass.  Her title. may be manager, but don't let her fool you--she's really the Chaos Master of everything here at MSJ!  At any given moment she's making sure we are all doing what needs to be done to make our MSJ Client Family happy! She and her familiar, I mean cat, Luna bring sunshine to MSJ every day!


Hanna Johnson

Hanna helps us in her spare time by listing online and helping us know what's popular with our younger clients. She's a ray of sunshine here! She's a full-time college student, despite our best efforts to convince her to work with us full-time. You'll also see her hands modeling our jewelry in our online photos.


Joanie Rigney

Joanie works with us in the summer months, and when we can lure her away, during school holidays.  Her day job is teaching young minds.  We're still trying to convince her that jewelry is more fun!  Joanie is our turquoise aficionado and brings a whole new level of sass and fun to MSJ when she's here!