Mildred - 14k Yellow Gold 2.55 CTW Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

$ 2,999.00

✨ Meet "Mildred" 💍 Delve into the enchanting world of tourmaline, a gem steeped in history and mystique. Crafted in 14k Yellow Gold, this ring features a mesmerizing 2.55 CTW oval tourmaline, boasting a spectrum of peach hues with hints of yellow—an homage to nature's artistry.

Tourmaline, derived from the Sinhalese word "turamali," means "stone with mixed colors." Renowned for its diversity of colors, it has fascinated cultures throughout history. Ancient Egyptians believed tourmaline traveled from the earth's core, gathering a rainbow of colors. It's a stone deeply connected to spirituality and healing.

Adorned with a delicate .26 ctw diamond halo, this ring embraces the gem's allure. Step into the world of "Mildred" at Mountain Song Jewelers, where gemstones whisper stories of the earth's ancient past. 💎✨ #MildredRing #TourmalineJourney #MountainSongJewelers