Betty - 14k White Gold, 2.8 CTW Anniversary Band

$ 6,300.00

✨ Celebrate your love with our exquisite 14k white gold anniversary band, showcasing five brilliant oval lab diamonds totaling an impressive 2.8 carats. Each lab-grown diamond, indistinguishable from natural diamonds, reflects the same unparalleled beauty and sparkle.

Lab diamonds are a testament to human innovation, sharing the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds. Their creation in a controlled environment ensures ethical sourcing, sustainability, and a reduced environmental impact—a true marvel of modern jewelry craftsmanship.

Diamonds, steeped in ancient lore and revered across cultures, have long symbolized enduring love, strength, and purity. Adorning this stunning ring, they stand as a reminder of the timeless journey of your love, capturing the essence of eternity. Embrace the beauty of lab diamonds and the ageless allure of this five stone anniversary band. 💍💖 #TimelessLove #LabDiamonds #MountainSongJewelers

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