Bailey - 14k White Gold, Diamond, and Aquamarine Ring

$ 2,424.00

Let this ring enchant you with its timeless beauty, capturing the essence of the sea and the grace of ancient myths. 💧💍

✨ Discover true sophistication in our 14k white gold ring, featuring a mesmerizing .87 carat emerald-cut aquamarine embraced by a sunray-like .48 carat total weight diamond halo. The aquamarine, with its tranquil and icy blue hues, whispers tales of ancient oceans and captivating lore.

In ancient times, aquamarine was believed to be a treasure of the sea, its shades reminiscent of calming waters. Sailors carried aquamarines as talismans for safe voyages, trusting in its power to calm and protect. Some even believed it to possess the essence of mermaids, embodying the enchanting allure of the deep blue.

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