Adeline - 10k White Gold, 1 CTW Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

$ 2,660.00

✨ Journey through time with our exquisite 10k white gold engagement ring, a symbol of love and commitment. The focal point, a clear and lovely round diamond of .76 carats, has been capturing hearts for generations.

The tradition of engagement rings dates back to ancient civilizations, with the Egyptians believed to have started the practice nearly 4,000 years ago. They wore rings made of braided reeds, symbolizing eternal love and the unending cycle of life. Over centuries, engagement rings evolved in design and symbolism, becoming a universal representation of love and dedication.

In the 15th century, the diamond engagement ring gained prominence, symbolizing strength and purity of love. However, it was not until the late 19th century, with the De Beers marketing campaign, that diamonds truly became synonymous with engagements. The "A Diamond is Forever" campaign solidified the diamond ring's status as an everlasting symbol of love.

Our engagement ring, with its sun ray halo of .24 carat total weight diamonds, beautifully marries tradition and modern elegance. It's a timeless reminder of love's eternal journey. 💍💖 #EngagementRingHistory #EternalLove #MountainSongJewelers

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