Mountain Song Jewelers


Mountain Song Jewelers (MSJ) is the showcase of Robert Sherman, who is the silversmithing and lapidary artist of MSJ and of Jonita Ashley, who manages the administration. Robert works primarily with sterling silver, occasionally with gold, in his art.  Robert hand fabricates our most artful and unique pieces with no two being the same.  He also performs most of the lapidary work on the stones he uses.  Turquoise remains our first love of stone as it comes in so many hues-- from the popularly known blues and greens, to blacks, browns, and whites.  Its versatility and beauty are unparalleled.  The fact that most of what we use is mined in America using ethical methods doesn't hurt our love of turquoise either! 

However, we don't just use turquoise.  We love beautiful stones from around the world. You'll find our cases full of vibrant colors and stones including - agates, lapis, sugilite, charoite, and more!  We also work in some beautifully faceted stones including amethyst, alexandrite, and more!  We believe the stone is the most important part of any piece of our artwork- so Rob designs settings that bring out the greatest beauty in the stone!

We aren't just jewelers, we also supply our fellow jewelers and artists with our handcut high quality cabochons and sterling silver findings including animals, leaves, elements from nature, flowers, and much much more!  We introduce new items daily!