Time Flies!

Here we are over 18 months into this business and having an amazing go of it!  We introduced cabochon sales in late 2016 and sterling silver findings for sale in Spring 2017! Our goal is to be the premiere go-to place for our fellow jewelers to shop for high quality and unique findings and beautiful cabs from all over the world!

We still have our own line of jewelry and are introducing seasonal lines of beautiful and unique pieces.  If you want to see us in person, we love spending most Saturdays at the Knoxville, TN Market Square Farmers Market--it's an amazing venue and close to home! Check them out sometime at

We travel around to some of our favorite art shows and exhibit there as time allows.  Make sure you keep up with us here and on Instagram!  Our Instagram names are @mountainsongjewelers for our finished goods and @mountainsongjewelerssupply for our jewelers supply!


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