Gold ring with large sapphire stone.

A Little History of Scales

Fine jewelry is a thing of beauty, whimsy, and precision workmanship. A balance of the desire for a piece and practicality in creating a piece is employed as we create jewelry. Cost is most always a consideration when working with precious metals and gemstones, (as well as the cost of a highly trained jeweler’s time).

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A few colorful rings on hand for display.

Summer 2020- Covid, Auctions, Saharan Dust Storms, BIG Diamonds, and New Faces

We hope you and yours are remaining safe, loved, and well in the wild ride 2020 has been so far.  Our little mountain town has been isolated from much of 2020's turmoil.  But we are continuing to take precautions at MSJ because we love you.  

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Staff photo with the owners and manager.

Hallelujah! Holy sh*t. Where's the Tylenol?

In the wise words of modern day philosopher Clark Griswold--Hallelujah! Holy sh*t. Where's the Tylenol?   What a month this has been.  Inadvisable at best.

See that photo pre-Corona? Like a few weeks ago with one of our favorite peeps?  Yeah, we were way too close back then.  Now it's 6 feet away, please don't touch me, or breathe in my general direction.  

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Rob Sherman on the roof of Mountain Song Jewelers

A Word From the Boss - Rob Sherman

Rob Sherman here.  My family has been in the jewelry business for three generations.  My great uncle started by cutting turquoise stones from mines that he and his friends owned.  He would then sell and trade these cut stones (called cabochons in the trade) among Native Americans and other artists in the Southwest.

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Denise at Mountain Song Jewelers.

Denise's Love Story with Jewelry

Dear Diary,

I've been working at Mountain Song for almost a year and a question I still get asked is “how do you like your job?” Well, I love it. (I’m not just saying that because I am writing a work blog.) I am saying that because it doesn’t feel like work. It is an ever changing job description with one thing staying constant ... PEOPLE.

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