Summer Jewelry Care

Summer Jewelry Care

Summer Jewelry Care

All of this gorgeous summer weather has everyone floating in pools, splashing in lakes, and taking vacations to warm sandy places. I have to say, I am very jealous. If you are currently sitting in a chair with your feet in the sand, hopefully your jewelry is not. We always tell you that you need to take care of your jewelry all year round but, the summer months call for a little extra TLC. Here are some tips for taking care of your jewelry while having fun. 

Water Fun

Whether you are showering or making waves, you should always remove your jewelry. Part of taking care of your jewelry during non-summer months means removing all of it before you shower. This helps prolong the lifespan and strength of your jewelry. Taking off your jewelry is even more important when it comes to chlorine and salt water. If you’re like me, you love showing off your awesome rings, and hate taking them off. However, certain chemicals, such as chlorine and salt water can damage and discolor metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. These chemicals can also slowly erode the finish and polish of gemstones. If you feel naked without a wedding ring, we suggest purchasing a silicon ring. These rings aren’t damaged in water and can easily be replaced if lost or broken.  If you need a silicone ring, Mountain Song has a wide variety to choose from.

Suntans and Sunblock

It is so easy to just start lathering up in sunscreen or put on lotion but it is important that we remove our jewelry before doing so. When we put on sunblock or lotion while wearing our jewelry it causes a film to form on the jewelry and takes the shine and sparkle right out of it! Further, lotions can get trapped under your rings and cause skin irritation, which would mean not wearing your rings for an extended amount of time.No one likes dull looking jewelry and it is important that, should you do this, you remove your jewelry, wipe it with a clean, soft, and slightly damp cloth after wearing to remove any summer lotions. This will enhance the jewelry's luster and will keep it looking blingtastic all summer long. 

Homegrown Love

I love working outside in the garden during the summer. In fact, it is one of my favorite things to do since I grow our favorite veggies for the family! Whether you are working in your vegetable garden, flower bed, or doing yard work consider removing your jewelry and storing it safely inside the house. Not only will this help you from losing your beautiful jewelry in the soil as you plant your marigolds, tomatoes, and beans - ground soil and fertilizers contain various chemicals, such as sulfur, that have a tendency to react with metals. Removing your jewelry will also prevent damaging your rings and bling on the tools you use to make your pants grow. 

Summer Heat

Summer heat is hard on our hands. Since it is common for your fingers to swell in the summer, you may find that some of your favorite rings don’t fit like they did during the winter months. I like having my rings sized up by a quarter size so I can continue to comfortably wear them as my fingers swell; and not worry about rings sliding off in the winter months. If you think this is a good option for you, stop by and see us at Mountain Song Jewelers. We offer ring resizing for a small fee and have the best team to help you with this!

As Summer Ends

And lastly, as the summer season starts to dwindle into fall, take your jewelry to Mountain Song Jewelers for a free professional cleaning. This will help maintain the luster and sparkle of your precious jewels and alert you to any issues with your jewelry so they can be resolved quickly. Bring your rings and bling to us when the summer parties end and get shined up for fall! 

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