Shop Owner Life---We're exhausted

Our first month has been a huge hit!  We weren't sure how our little town would react to a unique little oddball shop like ours.  We don't follow the format of most jewelry stores--we sell what we love--be it art jewelry we make in house, 100 year old antique jewelry, or groovy vintages pieces!


We had all of those fears that I imagine most small business owners have.  What if no one comes to our store?  What if no one likes our stuff?  What if we don't have enough to do??  But after the first month, we can say that none of these things happened.  People come and see us every day, more and more trickle in as word gets out! They like our stuff!  And we haven't wonted for a thing to do since we opened, we stay swamped!  So much so we have a couple of people who come to help us keep up!


We've made wedding rings for his & hers, hers & hers, his & his; urns for beloved ones who have passed on; rings from breastmilk for new mothers, converted great grandmother's diamond ring into a pendant for a later generation, and made funky by request rings for people who just wanted them! It's been a wonderful month!


We're starting a little Youtube channel of some of the fun things we do in the shop, always trying to find that fine line between involving people in our work, but not giving away too much of our trade knowledge!  Our channel is called Mountain Song Jewelers--check us out and be patient as it's new (and we're new at Youtube)!

We've also really kicked up our business for custom casting for other jewelers.  They send us their unique designs, and we replicate them in casting in silver, bronze, or gold.  The things we get to cast are both weird and exciting!


So a big thank you to Greeneville, Tennessee for showing up to support us!  You might think Greeneville is but a tiny dot on the map between Knoxville, TN and Asheville, NC, but it's a beautiful little town where the skyline is dotted with steeples and historic buildings.  Come visit us!

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