Paxtons- 100 Year Jewelry Tradition

Paxtons- 100 Year Jewelry Tradition

Paxtons- 100 Year Jewelry Tradition

Hello!  My name is Tom Paxton.  I'm a third generation jeweler who has, literally, been involved in the jewelry industry my entire life.  My grandfather, A.J. Paxton, started the family business "Paxton's Jewelers" in downtown Greeneville TN in 1920.  He was a watch-maker and steadily added inventory over the years.  My father, David Paxton, followed suit after servicing in WW2; he was also a watchmaker as well as a jeweler.  

As a child I would tag along cleaning showcases and cleaning showcases and products in the case.  I then started working as an engraver, eventually being trusted with sales and repairs.  I started doing more and more repairs as time went on and even tinkered in watch repairs early on (I discovered watches were not my calling!). I turned my focus to advanced jewelry repair.  I had the opportunity to apprentice with a private jeweler/tutor and also with my father.  I started full time in the family business in 1976 and haven't looked back!  I studied diamond courses from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 2005 to further increase my knowledge.  

I was blessed to be able to show my father my certification while he was in his ICU hospital bed shortly before his passing.  I will be forever grateful that I was able to share the with him.  After my father and grandfather passed, my family kept the business going until the economy started going south in the early 2000s.  We struggled as a small mom & pop business in an industry dominated by big box stores and internet sales--we had to make the difficult decision to close the family business in 2005.

I have been blessed to have a following in my area and after prompting from clients and friends, I decided to concentrate on a stand-alone repair business.  I opened The Jeweler Bench in my hometown and have been blessed to be able to provide repair service to my clients.  Since that time, I have moved on and closed my business and now work with my fellow jewelers at Mountain Song Jewelers.  It has been quite a change to be able to work with young, energetic folks in the business as I watch and hopefully become an asset to their growth in this industry.

As I approach my 41st active year in the business, I can look back and say that I have been truly blessed to have gained many friendships with the clients I have met over the year.  Looking forward to what lies ahead as business goes forward as a driven, customer-service oriented jewelry shop. I love seeing the satisfaction and smiles as a piece of jewelry the we've either custom made or simply repairs brings joy to the client.  I am thankful that Mountain Song has the faith and confidence in me and allow me to be part of a dynamic business!


  • Just wondering about how much it would be to resize a couple of my rings and what is the usual turn around time. Thank you.

    Jessica Brown on

  • Purchased an amethyst ring today and the wife is thrilled.

    ALan Bell on

  • Hi Tom! You rock…. and you are such a blessing to so many. “Hey” to Cindy and the pups!

    Kimberley Abelson on

  • Tom has been my families jeweler and fixer for more years then I even know I am now 44 and my grandfather always bought my grandmother’s jewelry there! We love Tom

    Julie Trantham Alderman on

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