Picture of Vintage 1940s ring in rose gold with diamonds and rubies

Maud and WWII

Maud and WWII

World War II or the Second War was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. During this time the majority of the world’s countries were involved in war and factories that once produced metals for civilian use, were commandeered for military purposes. This meant the metals that once produced items such as tin toothpaste tubes, shaving cream, medical ointment, etc. were in short supply. In fact, before you could purchase a new tin of toothpaste, you actually had to turn-in the old (used) tube before you were able to purchase a new one (they took recycling pretty seriously during this time). This also meant that items that you used or wore every day, such as canned food, bobby pins, zippers, gardening tools, toys, needles, etc, were in limited supply or were no longer being produced.

Due to this shortage of precious metals during this time period, it made it difficult for jewelry to be produced. This was difficult for a few reasons. First, the metals that were being used for war time efforts limited the metals that were readily available for jewelry production. Secondly, there were not a lot of skilled craftsmen left to produce and design the jewelry. The jewelers that were left and crafting during had to stop using platinum. Platinum was declared a use for strategic military purposes and was banned from all non-military purposes. Jewelers started utilizing low karat (10k), mixed metals for jewelry making like rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and green gold. Gold was very much the metal of this time period but this era also gave birth to costume jewelry. Bold, colorful, and eye-catching pieces were being produced that were more financially practical without sacrificing beauty. 

The Second World War not only limited the metal supply but it also meant that women started making their way more into the workforce, the depression hit hard, and times were extremely difficult. That is just one of the reasons that makes Maud so amazing. Maud, shown above, is an amazing piece from the 1940s. Even though the war time efforts resolved in 1945 that still meant that precious metals were hard to come by. Although we are unable to pinpoint the specific date and time, Maud was birthed during extraordinary circumstances. She is made up of 10 karat rose gold, with a center stone of .60ctw Old Mine Cut diamond flanked by diamonds and rubies. Some say that Maud is reminiscent of a musical note, she reminds me of a ribbon or a flower blooming. She is truly a product of her time period and the perfect ring for you if you love history and gemstones. 

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