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Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!

It's been a wild and crazy year, that's for sure.  Here at Mountain Song Jewelers we are very grateful for people like you who, even when you couldn't leave the house for quarantine, shopped with us online!  And when we started venturing our again, you continued shopping with us!  We can't tell you how much that means to us!  We've not just survived 2020 because of you, we've even thrived a bit.  Bringing on a new jeweler, Mr. Scott, who's been a jeweler for over 45 years.  He's a master to watch work--meticulously cranking out repairs and custom pieces and making it look like a piece of cake!  

We've also added our little foundation that is up and growing--the Mountain Song Foundation!  We feel it's very important to give back to your community and this will allow us to do that.  We'll offer special lines and sales to benefit our Foundation, which in turn, gives back to our local community.  Visit them over at

We've sold and made more engagement rings that we ever dreamed this year!  Keep them coming!  And oh so many custom pieces!  You people have some amazing imaginations--we've taken your ideas, drawings, sketches, stick people on a napkin, scribbles, and more and worked with you to create the unique jewelry piece you dreamt up!  

So many of you have brought your old jewelry to us that doesn't excite you anymore  and either let us give you cash on let us melt it down to create something dreamy and new just for you.   We're always grateful you think of us first, and we always strive to pay the highest prices in East Tennessee for your gold--it doesn't hurt our feelings one bit if you want to price check our gold buying with our competitors.

We've got Big Exciting Things (caps intentional) planned for the rest of this year and some REALLY BIG EXCITING THINGS planned for early 2021. We just can't even tell you how grateful we are for people like you---we hope when you walk in to MSJ you feel loved and appreciated, because you are!


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