Half a year in!

jewelry Mountain Song Jewelers Sterling Silver turquoise

We are now more than half a year into our foray into getting Mountain Song Jewelers up and running!  We are so grateful to our loyal customers!  We've learned so much about the handmade jewelry industry and are so blessed to have been accepted into such a knowledgeable and gifted community.

We've found niches; visited markets, art shows, and festivals; met new colleagues and clients in online communities and learned so much in such a short period of time.  We can't express our gratitude to everyone enough for helping make this such a successful and fulfilling undertaking.

Our journey has been a blissful whirlwind full of hard work and reward and we look forward to continuing this wild ride with each of you.  There is an indescribable satisfaction in creating beautiful items for people who love them, and in continuing to push our boundaries as we learn new methods and ways to continue to improve.

Please, feel free to ask us questions!  We love to hear from you!



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