Finally, our store!

As of May 1, 2018, Mountain Song has a home (that's not in our home!).  We have opened our first (yes, we plan for there to be more) store here in our little hometown of Greeneville TN!

I can't tell you how nice it is not have have our business and our home living on top of each other, and for Rob and I to have a place to go to work each day!  We find that we are far more productive in a shop when we aren't constantly switching gears from home/work/home/work throughout the day!

One of the most exciting bits?  We have art everywhere!  We've gathered together some of the best and brightest artists in our region (and occasionally beyond!) to exhibit and have their amazing work available for purchase!    We also list their work right alongside ours on our social media and websites, because we believe art is for everyone and we want to share the joy of a well made piece of art with you and perhaps you will find a piece to brighten your life!

Some of our fellow artists include, Rikki Taylor of Rikki Taylor Pottery--her happy and brilliant pottery will make you smile each time you look at it.  Rikki has been a pottery for over 40 years and her work can be found in Smithsonian museums.  Rikki lives in Knoxville, TN.  You can see more of her work at:


Stacy Jones of The Seasick Mermaid creates beautiful abstract paintings that allow each viewer to find something different in them.  She leaves them unnamed so as not to direct the viewer along any particular thought patter.  Her work will leave you mesmerized by it's beauty.  Stacy lives in Greeneville, TN and you can see more of her work at:


William Jones has been painting for decades and has only recently consented to exhibit his work.  His work has an ethereal feel to it with undertones that allow the viewer to get lost in the painting as though they are a part of it.   You can view his work here on our website and on our instagram.  William residents in Greeneville, TN.


Vic Stansell is a multi-talented artist.  It would be hard to narrow his work to one medium, but we are certain that without him, Mountain Song would not be what it is!  Vic is our go-to guy when we need intricate and unusual waxes created for custom jewelry orders.  In addition to his sculpting talents, he also works in wood (as a professional cabinet builder by trade) and creates hand carved wood bowls, brooms, wands, and anything you can imagine!

We hope you'll drop by to see us if you find yourself in East Tennessee, or, if that's a bit far for you, explore and shop our art right here at, or visit Instagram, Etsy, or Pinterest where we are also very active!




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