Denise at Mountain Song Jewelers.

Denise's Love Story with Jewelry

Denise's Love Story with Jewelry

Dear Diary,

I've been working at Mountain Song for almost a year and a question I still get asked is “how do you like your job?” Well, I love it. (I’m not just saying that because I am writing a work blog.) I am saying that because it doesn’t feel like work. It is an ever changing job description with one thing staying constant ... PEOPLE.

This job is more about people than anything else. We see people in all stages of their lives which is a beautiful yet sometimes teary eyed thing. We see the young couples coming in bright eyed looking for that special piece to start their life together. You have the second go around love. We even get the "I just got divorced and want to watch this gold burn type of love." The "it’s my daughters 13thbirthday" diamond earrings. "My son wants a gold chain for his 15thbirthday." A “push present” for bringing new life to this world. First date anniversary gifts and so on.

Then you have the teary eyed moments… "my parent just passed away and I want to make something special to wear in remembrance of them." Sometimes that piece is ashes in a custom sterling amphora. Sometimes it is converting a mother’s rejuvenated diamond to a pendant, gemstones your father brought back from the war, or just a watch your grandmother wore everyday turned into a necklace.


It makes you realize that some way or another we all have these up and downs in our lives. We all have pieces that remind us of someone special or something special. For me these experiences with people make me cherish my grandmother’s jewelry she wore every day, gold from my mother reused and made into a custom piece, and my dad’s wedding band I wear every day. Jewelry is something that stands the test of time, and a way to celebrate, remember, and carry a piece of love with us every day. I am so thankful to work at a place like Mountain Song where we love people first, then jewelry second. The people we love wear the jewelry we create and curate. I’m so excited for people to allow us to care for their jewelry and , so they can wear it, love it and pass it down for the generations to come to be worn, loved, and cherished. Until next time Diary…. Love Denise .

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