Rob Sherman on the roof of Mountain Song Jewelers

A Word From the Boss - Rob Sherman

A Word From the Boss - Rob Sherman

Rob Sherman here.  My family has been in the jewelry business for three generations.  My great uncle started by cutting turquoise stones from mines that he and his friends owned.  He would then sell and trade these cut stones (called cabochons in the trade) among Native Americans and other artists in the Southwest.  He taught my older cousin and mentor Robert Drozd the fundamentals of the jewelry business as he knew it. 

Robert Drozd is an award-winning jewelry designer from Arizona.  He has done custom work for many celebrities and upscale jewelry firms and has been in this business for over forty years. In the fast-paced 1980’s, he and his business partner ran a custom fine jewelry store in sunny Las Vegas.  He has since retired from the limelight, returning to his roots as a silversmith. His eclectic jewelry can be found in galleries throughout northern Arizona.  

My introduction to the jewelry business began with a trip to a big box retailer as a much younger man.  After being pressured into buying something I had to compromise on, I went on my way. I was not impressed with my experience, to say the least.  I remember this encounter like it was yesterday, and had avoided darkening the door of big box jewelry stores after that.  

Many years passed, and one day as I was assembling a remachined VW engine I had an idea that I might want to be in the jewelry business.  I called home and spoke to my mother about my idea, and she put me in touch with my cousin Robert Drozd. He and I spoke every day or two over the phone, and he taught me how to cut cabochons, do silver work, and inlay.  My initial work was done at the kitchen table after I had put my children to bed. I started selling jewelry at flea markets and small craft shows, gradually moving to juried fine art shows as my work became more refined.  We opened Mountain Song retail store in May 2018 in Greeneville TN. We are excited to be a part of the local and global community and provide a full line of custom fine jewelry services for our clients. We are a small family store and are happy to serve.  I am grateful to our friends and customers for all the support we have received over the years.  

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