Our First Post! Welcome to Mountain Song Jewelers!

We're so glad you visited our store!  Our online store is new and we welcome your feedback on how we can make your shopping experience better-we are still learning all about this online commerce stuff so your feedback is vital to improving the shopping experience.  So drop us a line anytime!

Robert, the artisan and creator of most all the beautiful items you see here, has been learning about and making jewelry for a while now. 

The inspiration for our jewelry is taken from the world around us - from SouthWestern inspired to Appalachian, to antique, art deco, and more!  Some of our work is traditional, some is modern - but all of it is beautifully crafted.  We hold our work to the highest standards and think you will find it more than just everyday jewelry - but conversation pieces that will become family heirlooms!

So browse the shop, ask questions.  Have a question or a request?  Ask us!  We'll be glad to see what we can do.  

Everyday we are expanding our skills, inventory, and online presence and we're so glad you are part of it!

Happy Shopping!


Mountain Song Jewelers

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